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Gifted & Talented (GATE)

Students may qualify for participation in the La Jolla GATE program based on intellectual identification, high achievement, or by demonstrating talent in the visual and performing arts. All district second graders are given the opportunity to test for Intellectual identification when a parent signs and submits a Permission to Test form. The district psychologist administers this test at the school site. Students in grades 2–5 may be referred for screening for testing by a teacher, a counselor, a parent, or through student self-referral. VAPA auditions are held once a year. Students who are identified for talent in the visual and performing arts score at extraordinarily high levels in the arts based on area-specific criteria in an audition or demonstration before a panel of judges. Areas of focus include dance, theatre arts, vocal music, instrumental music, and visual arts.
La Jolla students who are identified as gifted and talented are placed in GATE cluster classes at grades 3-5. Each class is taught by a teacher who holds a supplemental certificate in gifted education. Classroom teachers differentiate the core curriculum through the use of depth and complexity, compacting, acceleration, tiered assignments, and independent contracts. High expectations exist for GATE students to meet and exceed state content standards. Flexible grouping strategies are used to provide large and small collaborative learning opportunities based on interests or abilities.